25 de out de 2011


They are amazing!

Jack is 7 weeks old, he is a very cute baby, so strong, healthy and happy (when he doesn't have gas:( of course...). He was 10.12 p on his 01 month well visit. Big big boy!
He suffered with some colic and gas on his first weeks of life but we are e very happy it seems to be coming to an end now... He drinks 4 ounces of milk every couple of hours and sleeps 3 to 4 ours at bed time. Mommy is really tired but it is all worth it!
Bassinet? nope! Crib? nope! Lil' Jack loves the bouncer and the swing and even though we are trying really hard to make him sleep on the bassinet, it hasn't working very well so far, but we are hopeful.
Daddy takes care of him every night after coming home from work, they both lounge on Daddy's chair and watch some tv and have some Q.T together.
Big Sister Isabella is in love with him, kisses him, hugs him and feeds him every time we ask her. She is just amazing.
Jack hasn't vomited or spitting up often- witch makes us really happy, he has also being ok with his milk so far.
He is not on the schedule yet, we feed him and put him for naps on his demand and it will be like this until he is ready for a change.
The doctor said he is very strong, and he is on the high number of his chart for weight, length and h.c. Hopefully he will continue to grow well and healthy!

Izzy is 5 years and 9 months old. She is in kindergarten and we are so proud of her.
She is doing piano for few months and is heading for her 2nd Recital this coming Saturday (10/29) and is on her 2nd year of dance/ballet/tap. In the end of the year, she is going to start tennis and is very excited about it.
Isabella is a sweet girl, so kind and generous. She loves everything and everyone. Adore school, her teachers, her family and friends.
She writes very well and reads at age 5, even before starting Kindergarten. She loves to express her feelings through letters and notes and she melts our hearts with her messages of love on a daily basis.
Her teacher's name is Mrs. Mc Donald's and her aide is Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Hall. Her favorite friends at school are: Rachael, Grace, Madison, she also loves Andrew and had written messages to him telling him how great and nice he is.
The other day she made a snow flake out of paper and gave as a gift to her bus driver. She is just a precious girl and we are so proud of her!
Her love for people, her innocence, pure heart and her generosity are real inspiration for all of us!

... And we are back!...

So many things to talk about. Life is great!
Jack, the newest addition to our family arrived between hurricanes and tornados on September 3rd of 2011 @ 2:16pm . Jack was 8.04 pounds, 19.1/2 inches and with the Grace of God, he is very healthy and a happy baby.
After 9 months of sickness, all I have now is the joy of being the mom of another angel that God trusted me with.
Izzy started Kindergarten 3 days after Jack was born and thanks to a VBAC procedure, I was able to put her on the bus on her 1st day of school, and she absolutely loves school and Jack and I, with the help of my mom and hubby are doing good too!